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Title One Parent Involvement

The North Muskegon Public Schools will insure that parents of children being served in the Title One Program have an adequate opportunity to participate in the design and implementation of the Title One project.

Activities the North Muskegon Public Schools may consider in developing the policies required may include, but not limited to, the following:
1.       Notifying each child’s parents in a timely manner that the child has been selected to participate in the Title One program and the reasons for eligibility.
2.       Inviting parents to Parent/Teacher conferences for consultation with both the regular education teacher and the Title One teacher.
3.       Informing each child’s parents of the specific instructional objectives for each child.
4.       Reporting the progress of each child to his/her parents.
5.       Providing materials and suggestions to parents to help them promote the education of their child at home.
6.       Providing timely information concerning the Title One program including program plans and evaluations.
7.       Soliciting parents’ comments about the Title One program for their children.
8.       Consulting with parents about how the school can work with the parents to achieve the program’s objectives.
9.       Providing timely responses to parent recommendations.
10.   Facilitating volunteer participation by parents in school activities.

11.   Providing training opportunities for parents to assist in the education of their children at home.